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Attention - tennis instructors and sports teachers!

Expand your physical education curriculum and engage your students with an exciting new activity - pickleball! As a fast-growing and inclusive sport, pickleball is a fantastic way to expand your curriculum and provide a fresh experience for your students.

We understand the importance of quality equipment to ensure an enjoyable and safe playing experience. We offer a wide range of professional pickleball equipment designed specifically for your needs. From robust clubs and high quality balls up to portable networks we have everything you need to get started.

Best of all, as a B2B tennis instructor and school PE teacher, you'll benefit from an exclusive discount on our equipment when you order for your school or tennis lessons! We want to support you as an educator and make it easier for you to pass on the joy of pickleball to your students.

The pickleball equipment available from us is designed to withstand demanding play and deliver optimal performance. This allows your students to fully engage in this dynamic sport. Whether you want to introduce pickleball as a regular activity in the physical education classroom or organize tournaments and events, our equipment will help you create a memorable experience for your students.

Our competent team will be happy to assist you, answer your questions and support you in selecting the right equipment package for your specific requirements. We are also happy to provide you with demo material and personal advice on site.

Don't miss this opportunity to teach your students the thrill of pickleball while enjoying exclusive discounts on our equipment! Contact us todayto discover our range of quality equipment and take your sports program to a whole new level.

Together, we'll bring the excitement of pickleball to your school and enable your students to maintain a fun and active lifestyle!

Magnus from Pro Pickleball Austria