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Pickleball is a fantastic sport for schools

Pickleball Austria schools

Pickleball is a fantastic sport for kids in schools, and here are several reasons why:

Easy to learn

Pickleball has simple rules and mechanics, so it's easy for kids to learn it quickly and start playing. The smaller playing surface, the slower pace and the lighter rackets make it less intimidating for beginners.

Inclusive and simple

Pickleball was developed to be inclusive and to allow players to All levels of play, abilities and age groups to meet the needs of children. The smaller playing surface reduces the walking requirements, making it suitable for children with different fitness level suitable. The slower ball speed and the softer racket also reduce the risk of injury.

Teamwork and social skills

Pickleball is often played in doubles and encourages teamwork and cooperation. Children learn to communicate, strategize and work together to score points. It provides them with the opportunity to learn important social skills to develop and thereby Having fun.

Hand-eye coordination

Pickleball helps children improve their hand-eye coordination as they learn to use their Timing shots and reacting to the ball. The interaction between the bat and the ball requires precision and control, which strengthens their motor skills and coordination.

Fitness and physical activity

Pickleball is a great way to motivate kids to be physically active. It improves cardiovascular fitness, agility and endurance and promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.


Pickleball can be played in a variety of environments, both indoors as well as outside. It can be adapted to different premises and surfaces, which makes it a versatile option for schools with limited facilities.

Fun and commitment

Pickleball offers a Mixture of strategy, skill and suspense, which makes it very entertaining for children. The fast rallies, friendly competition and the opportunity to make new friends make Pickleball a favorite with young players.

Our kids have been playing pickleball non-stop for 1.5 hours now, they usually only manage that on the game console!

Mother of a 6 and 8 year old son

In summary

Introducing pickleball to schools provides an accessible and exciting sport that promotes physical activity, teamwork, and overall well-being for children. It is a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, and the skills and values learned through pickleball extend far beyond the court.

Special offers for schools

By the way, Pro Pickleball offers special discounts for schools! Send me an email to register your school and request prices.

A few tips for proven pickleball materials in schools

The following mobile net is also a proven tip for schools, because it can be set up quickly and easily, is relatively light at approx. 8 kg, and is still robust.

Balls are available in bulk packs of 20 or even 100, although the 100 pack is probably more for pickleball trainers.

Sturdy and affordable kids/beginners paddles - available individually or in sets - that are great for schools and also for rental: