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Pickleball as a school sport

Pickleball training in your gym?
On badminton courts?

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Pickleball is suitable for PUPILS:INSIDE 
from 7 years

 Field reaches (6.10x13.40m)

It's practically a no-brainer... they just play 😉


Pickleball, like most other backstroke sports, is ideal for learning eye-hand coordination through play.

The rules are uncomplicated and easy to learn, so that the game can be played at elementary school level.

Pickleball is usually played in doubles, so that many students can play at the same time and as a team.

 for school sports

Using a badminton net

Lower the net and save money - badminton nets can often be adjusted in height with little effort. The pickleball net should be approx. 91.5 cm high at the edge and approx. 86 cm in the middle.

Badminton doubles court without changing the kitchen

The Kitchen is therefore 15cm too close to the net, which is sufficient for playing with children.

Pickleball is played in singles and doubles on the same court size.

Paddles should be inexpensive and robust

However, make sure that your paddles do not have a wooden or aluminum core, as such cheap alternatives can make pickleball feel similar to beach ball.

Suitable paddles have a grip on the striking surface, they should not be smooth/slippery.

If you have a Paddle with the inscription USA Pickleball Approved you are certainly not doing anything wrong.

Too little at the front and back

Badminton field distance

We don't have much space behind the court, here's the solution: simply shorten the court by one badminton court line, that fits well. So use the back service line from the doubles instead of the singles as the court boundary.

There is often only around 60 cm between the badminton courts, which is no problem - this is definitely enough for sports at school.


Training courses

We would be happy to train your sports teachers on site in your gym.

No material? We organize demo material for up to four places, suitable for around 20 teachers. A 2-hour introduction is ideal.

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