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The eagerly awaited ICON v2 pickleball paddle from DIADEM - it is the further development of the long-known and popular ICON paddle.


  • Player level: Advanced / Pro
  • Surface: Carbon fiber
  • Core: Honeycomb 8mm PP + Proprietary Film + 8mm PP
  • Thickness: 13.7 mm
  • Weight: 227 g
  • Width: 19.3 cm
  • Length: 40.6 cm
  • Handle length: 13.3 cm
  • Handle circumference: 10.5 cm

This paddle uses high-quality carbon fiber from Japan in a thin frame and is the ultimate weapon for you as a power player.

While conventional power paddles are usually stiffer and unforgiving, the Icon v2 incorporates several technical features. This to eliminate harmful vibrations.

At its core is a 3xL core that combines two pieces of PP honeycomb, each with a density of 8 mm, bonded to a middle layer of proprietary film that dampens vibrations on impact.

The Icon v2 face utilizes RP2 technology developed through the Vice-Paddle concept introduced at DIACON '22. The face also utilizes proprietary two-component polyurethane coating in combination with grit paint to create a durable and spin-friendly face.

Finally, the Icon v2 adopts the Flex Stabilization (FS) System technology originally used in DIADEM tennis rackets. In addition, a high-density foam injection is used around the outer edge of the paddle. This FS system in combination with the DIADEM Core Molding System not only makes this paddle more stable, but also increases the active sweetspot.

The paddle is perfectly balanced and beautifully designed with an elegant but protective, replaceable edge guard.

  • Power Paddle
  • Comfortable and arm-friendly
  • 3xL core with 2 8mm PP honeycomb pieces
  • RP2 technology
  • Flex Stabilization (FS) System Technology

We supply the paddle including edge protection, in white or black. However, you can choose other colors bring some pep to the pitch!

Weight 0,25 kg
Dimensions 45 × 22 × 5 cm



Black, White

Player level



227 g - 8.0 oz

Paddle face





235 mm


Handle size

Handle length

USAPA Approved


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