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Pickleball Paddle Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invikta

The Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invikta Pickleball Paddle is the perfect paddle for you as a power player:in. In addition to a lot of power, it also has an excellent grip due to the mixture of fiberglass and carbon fiber. The elongated shape offers a longer coverage area than conventional paddles.

This is the favorite paddle of the Professional player Tyson McGuffin, which together with Selkirk has also released a gold variant.

It is the favorite paddle of many tennis players but not only.

In the long form "Invikta", the paddle still has a long handle that allows two-handed play. Same as the variant Epicbut longer than the handle of the variant S2. However, the sweet spot is slightly smaller than that of the Epic Paddle.


  • Player level: Advanced / Pro
  • Surface: Hybrid mixture of fiberglass and carbon fiber
  • Core: honeycomb polymer
  • Thickness: 12.7 mm (thin, therefore a lot of power)
  • Weight: 221-232 g (medium weight, very agile due to the shape).
  • Width: 18.8 cm (narrow paddle)
  • Length: 41.9 cm (long paddle)
  • Handle length: 13.3 cm (two-handed playable)
  • Handle circumference: 10.8 cm

Selkirk description

The culmination of more than two years of research and development in collaboration with top pickleball professionals like Tyson McGuffin the VANGUARD Power Air meets the requirements for power and spin.

Selkirk Labs

Selkirk Labs developed Project 002 as its first iteration, and the Power Air uses feedback from Labs members to optimize 002 by adding additional control through the SuperCore has. In addition, Selkirk has improved the consistency with 360° Proto Molding and improved aerodynamics. Continuing, the next level edges provide durability with Aero-DuraEdge edgeless technology.

Power Air Overview

  • Generates maximum spin for controlled and aggressive drives
  • Features a larger sweet spot than conventional power paddles
  • Delivers relentless power with a surprising amount of control
  • Undoubtedly the most aerodynamic of all Selkirk paddles
  • The ideal paddle for singles and tennis players

Power Air technology

  • Air Dynamic Throat: To provide maximum flex, the Air Dynamic Throat is now larger and even closer to the handle, providing optimal airflow and improved ball control.
  • ThroatFlex: The new ThoatFlex open throat design, developed to provide maximum flex when you make contact with the ball. It also extends dwell time on the paddle and improves power play for unbeatable consistency.
  • ProSpin+ NextGen Texture for long-lasting, maximum spin surface: ProSpin+ NextGen Micro Texture technology is designed to generate more spin than any other technology on the market. This allows you to dominate the ball with ease on the court.
  • QuadFlex 4 Layer Hybrid Face: Initiated at Selkirk Labs with Project 002, the QuadFlex 4 Layer Hybrid Face features a unique blend of two layers of Fiberflex and two layers of Quantum+ Carbon for effortless power and control.
  • 360° proto-molding: 360° proto-molding technology is designed to provide 360-degree composite coverage, using a proprietary high-pressure manufacturing process.
  • Aero-DuraEdge edgeless technology: Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless technology was introduced to increase edge reliability along with FlexFoam edge perimeter. It consists of our special impact-resistant blend of composite and polymer.
  • FlexFoam Perimeter: FlexFoam Perimeter technology is achieved by injecting a specially formulated foam into the entire perimeter of the paddle. This increases durability, adds weight, increases the sweet spot and absorbs vibration with every stroke. This allows for a stable, reliable feel. This technology was originally developed at Selkirk Labs for Project 002.
  • SuperCore Polymer Honeycomb Core: The groundbreaking SuperCore made of polypropylene with honeycomb structure was developed for the QuadFlex hitting surface and provides maximum power while improving your ball control.

Invikta | Long Handle and Longest Paddle Shape: The Invikta is preferred for its larger sweet spot size compared to other elongated pickleball paddle shapes. It is popular with advanced to professional players. Already knew, the paddle is the brainchild of national pickleball champion Tyson McGuffin. Its elongated shape, large sweet spot and long handle provide more power, more range and more spin.

Made in USA

Weight 0,25 kg
Dimensions 45 × 22 × 5 cm



Prestige, Red, Black

Weight class

Racket shape


Player level



221 - 232 g - 7.8 - 8.2 oz

Paddle face





Handle length

Handle size

USAPA Approved


Lifetime (limited)


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