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Selkirk presents the new Vanguard Control Pickleball Paddle

Selkirk Vanguard Control

Dear Pickleball Community,

We have exciting news for you: Selkirk has reinvented the popular Vanguard 2.0 and proudly presents the Vanguard Control Paddle! 🎉 This new paddle combines proven features with innovative improvements to take your game to the next level.

What's new about the Vanguard Control?

    1. Elite Raw Carbon surface: The Vanguard Control is equipped with a new Elite Raw Carbon surface for improved grip and better ball control. This gives you the upper hand in every move.

    1. 16mm core for maximum control: The core of the Vanguard Control remains unchanged at 16mm to ensure optimum control over the ball. Whether you're playing precise shots at net or powerful shots from the baseline, this paddle offers you the stability you need.

    1. Proven shapes and weight options: The proven shapes of the Vanguard 2.0 - Invikta, S2 and Epic - remain unchanged. Each shape is available in both light and medium models, with a weight difference of around 10 grams.

What do we have to do without?

Due to the new Elite Raw Carbon surface, we are foregoing the color variants in favor of the improved grip. However, we are convinced that the added value of the improved grip justifies this decision.

Discover the new Vanguard Control Paddles:

Get ready for an even better pickleball experience with the new Vanguard Control Paddle from Selkirk!

Sporting greetings,
The Pro Pickleball GmbH team