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Tyson McGuffin joins Joola: Focus on the Magnus paddle

Tyson McGuffin Joola Pickleball - Magnus Paddle
Tyson McGuffin Joola Pickleball - Magnus Paddle

Dear Pickleball Community,

As you may have heard in other media, well-known bad ace pickleball player Tyson McGuffin is transferring from Selkirk to Joola - as of 01.01.2024 - and together with Joola has developed the brand new paddle called "Magnus". This decision marks the end of Tyson's long-standing collaboration with Selkirk and the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

The Magnus paddle, also known as the "Magnus Alpha 2024" in the Lab version, is the result of the creative collaboration between Joola and Tyson McGuffin. Interestingly, it bears the name of our founder and managing director, Magnus Stedile-Foradori - We are pleased together with Joola and Tyson McGuffin about this decision 🙂

During his time at Selkirk the Power Air Invikta Paddle played, an impressively hard power paddle, especially in its own version "Gold - Tyson McGuffin". The new Magnus paddle from Joola is not yet on the market, but we are working closely with Joola Europe to ensure that it will soon be available here too. In the meantime, we show you the Tyson McGuffin Paddles from Selkirk and the Ben Johns Perseus Paddles from Joolaas the Magnus paddle from Tyson McGuffin could be similar to the Perseus paddle from Ben Johns - let's see.

The Magnus paddle, customized for Tyson McGuffin, presents itself with a Thickness of 14mm and remains true to the power category. It promises an exciting mix of control and power. We are looking forward to the innovations that Joola and Tyson McGuffin will present together and will of course keep you up to date.

Look forward to an exciting time of change and innovation in Pickleball!

Best regards,

The Pro Pickleball team